Tea Tour 2009

4. …in Wyoming

“I make time nearly every day for coffee with a friend or family member. I think it makes a difference what you do with your time if you’ve lost people in your life. After my husband survived being hit by a semi, our priorities definitely changed. You just never know what’s going to happen. Even though I’m busy running this place [Gas&Go gas station], I make it a priority to spend time with friends and family.”–Newcastle, WY

“I’ve got a lot of downtime now that I’m on disability. Maybe too much time. But we’re out traveling and seeing things we’ve always wanted to, but never made time for. When you’re hit with the the big “C”, your priorities change pretty fast.”–Yellowstone National Park

It took a long time for my co-workers and I to figure out we could have our meetings outside, which seemed to bring everyone’s stress level down. It shows a lack of imagination to continue to do things in the same manner when there are better ways to be living.”–Grand Teton National Park

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