Tea Tour 2009

6. …in Washington

From Volunteer Park, Seattle, WA:

“I had a friend so stressed out about his schedule, then he changed his attitude towards the things that governed his time (school, kid, work) and he started enjoying every minute of his day. He’s like a whole new person now.”

“I used to make a lot of money, then I lost my job. I freaked out because I couldn’t buy everything and anything I wanted. It made me feel like nothing. It took some serious adjusting, but then over time, I realized how insignificant all these possessions were. Now I’m dealing with the storing, moving, and selling of lots of what I own and it takes so much energy and time. It’s exhausting.”

“There are people who work their entire lives to come to the Islands [off coast of Seattle] and live that lifestyle. It’s really relaxed and low stress.”– massage therapist who lives and works on the Islands.

From the Pony Bar later that night:

“In nursing school, there was one student who always took time for tea. Sometimes twice in one shift. It was maddening to the other students that he would stop what he was doing and sit down for a minute while the rest of us were running ragged. But then we’d half kid about needing to stand next to him when things got intense, just so we could absorb some of his calm. What we saw as being selfish was him really taking care of himself so he could take care of others better.”

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