Tea Tour 2009

7. …in Utah and Colorado?

We met a couple with two young children who took a year off to travel in a beautiful 1960’s Airstream. The husband’s business had slowed down significantly, and their second daughter had just been born, so they decided to take a chance on their livelihoods in order to spend more time together as a family. Comments (paraphrased) from our teatime together are below, with their own take on the experience at http://skippintown-springlandon.blogspot.com/:

“My husband [from England] SITS to have his tea. He doesn’t drink it on the go.”

“I’ve noticed that artists who live in New York, people I’d think would want to pause and experience life, are working and living at break-neck speed.”

“If you’re used to being stressed out, your adrenaline kicks in more easily. After we embarked on our year-long trip, it took me months to come down from reacting to the smallest of things.”

Other guest’s comments:

“When you hit retirement, you suddenly realize how many things you’ve been missing out on and you feel like you’ve got to hurry to get it all done. I feel busier now than ever.” –retiree at Zion campground

“We’re not stressed. We actually sometimes get bored and need to find things to fill up our time. I wonder if I don’t redirect my anxieties to focus on the smallest of problems that would have otherwise gone unnoticed when I was busier.” –Travelers out for six months.

Some Swiss travelers commented both that:

“In Switzerland, you’d never get a to-go cup at a Starbucks. You sit and drink your coffee or tea.”


“The Swiss work just as hard as Americans. We get about four weeks vacation though, but still work too hard, I think.”

From the Grand Canyon:

“I had to learn the hard way how to manage my stress. I got breast cancer.”

“A friend of mine still refuses to take time out for herself, even after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She feels like she can’t let her students or their parents down by easing up her workload.”

From Denver, CO:

“My time is stressed out, but I know it’s because I spend so much time online. I think to myself, if I had just a few more hours to each day, I’d just fill it up with just more Internet surfing. That wouldn’t solve anything!”

“I spend a lot of time online buying things, then working to pay them off. That’s what stresses out my time.”

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