Tea Tour 2009

5. …in Oregon

From the Rose Garden in Washington Park, Portland, OR:

“If you are here, right now, right here, you cannot have stress. Your thoughts are not yours. They could be conditioned from society or parents, so you have to question them. What is life like with your thoughts? What is life like without your thoughts? Which is real? What is the thought that’s making the stress? Is it from the past? The future?”–visitor from Hawaii

“I wish I wouldn’t have waited until age 50 to realize I didn’t need to carry all the burdens of my family. That’s freed up my time.”–visitor from Ohio

“I realized early in my career that if I didn’t take time out every day to swim, I was going to die young. Or at least unhappy.”

From the Stash Tea Store party:

“Concrete makes the rats angry.”

“We’re the only country talking about having stress from owning too much stuff.”


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